Who We Are

Welcome to Tribal Knowledge Podcasting, a production studio specializing in helping member-based organizations, businesses, and institutions of higher learning start podcasts for internal and external marketing and communications.

I'm Jeremy Shere, founder and lead producer of Tribal Knowledge Podcasting. Besides being a podcast producer, I'm also an avid podcast fan. I love podcasts and listen to as many as I can, as often as I can. What I love most about podcasts is their intimate nature and conversational, authentic tone. There's just something uniquely engaging and memorable about listening to smart, interesting people having a passionate conversation, or debating an issue, or offering useful and important information, or just having fun!

Which is why more and more organizations are using podcasting as a powerful way to tell their stories, build their brands, and connect in deep and meaningful ways with their members, customers, and learners. At Tribal Knowledge, we're committed to helping your organization harness the power of podcasting, and have fun doing it!

What We Do

Simply put, we work closely with you to get your podcast up and running, to make it as engaging and professional as possible, and to keep it going.


We understand that starting a podcast can be a daunting challenge. There's a lot that goes into (and a lot at stake in) putting your voice out there. Which is why we put a premium on customer service and on always being available to help and coach and guide you as you launch and develop your podcast. We're right there with you at every phase--initial conception and brainstorming, buying and learning to use equipment, developing a production schedule, crafting your tone and style--to make sure that the process is not only efficient and effective but also fun and rewarding. 

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Our Values

We have two central values: 1) providing exceptional customer service , and 2) an unwavering commitment to helping you create great content.

We provide exceptional customer service by being available to you whenever you need guidance, training, coaching, or feedback. Producing a great podcast is a team effort, and we will be your committed partner and an essential part of your team. The quality and success of your podcast is just as important to us as it is to you.

To that end, we put a premium on producing the very best content possible. That means working closely with you, and sometimes even challenging you, to find the best topics and guests, to train on your equipment, to train the podcast host(s), and generally to craft a podcast that exceeds your initial expectations. That's the standard to which we hold ourselves.

Tribal Knowledge Podcasting

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