About Tribal Knowledge

Tribal Knowledge is built to help companies leverage podcasting as a business communication tool. Tens of millions of people around the world listen to podcasts every day, including many of your customers, prospects, and employees. Starting a podcast as a content marketing channel or for internal communications, sales enablement, or learning & development is a powerful way to engage your audience where they're already listening. Tribal Knowledge provides the strategy, guidance, equipment, planning, and everything else you need to launch a podcast and take advantage of the fastest-growing trend in business communications.

Meet The Team

Josue Gonzalez

Associate Producer

Josue González has built an excellent reputation as a film composer, performer, sound editor and sound engineer, both nationally and internationally. He has professionally edited and composed music for multiple podcasts, including “Unpacking Armenian Studies” and “Escape Velocity”.

Haley Skiko

Marketing Intern

Haley Skiko is a junior at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, with a dual concentration in marketing and international business.

Daniel Parker


Daniel is a NYC-based production director and digital content producer who has spent the last 10 years leading digital content strategy and technical delivery of multimedia productions in healthcare, music & entertainment, sports, food, and culture.

Jeremy Shere, PhD

Founder & CEO

Jeremy Shere founded Tribal Knowledge Podcasting in 2017 and has been producing podcasts for more than 10 years. Jeremy has a PhD in English Literature and Jewish Studies from Indiana University.

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