Podcasting for Content Marketing

68 million Americans listen to podcasts every week.

Including many of your customers.

Starting a podcast will:

Establish Thought Leadership

Start a podcast to establish thought leadership by showcasing the insights, knowledge, and expertise of your leadership and other industry experts.

Grow Your Business

Inviting your ideal customers to be guests on your podcast is a powerful way to develop the kinds of relationships that turn prospects into paying clients.

Generate tons of conent

Transcribe and repurpose podcast episodes as blog posts, web and social media content, newsletter articles, and more.

Podcast Launch Package: $1500 

  • Unlimited strategy meetings

  • USB microphone and headphones

  • Training on microphone setup and recording

  • Write and record intro & outro

  • Upload recorded content to audio hosting platform

  • Register podcast feed with Apple Podcasts and other directories

  • Production of first three episodes

  • Audiogram* for each episode

  • Print transcript of each episode

*An Audiogram is a short video promo featuring a sound bite, image, and automatic transcription of the soundbite, designed for posting and sharing on social media.

Per-Episode Production: $300

  • Professional editing to remove all "ums" and mistakes

  • Integration of intro/outro and music

  • EQ and compression 

  • Volume leveling

  • Upload to host or shared folder

  • Show notes

  • Audiogram

  • Print transcript

Additional Services

  • Tribal Knowledge producer present for recording: $50

  • Interview questions: $50

  • Tribal Knowledge hosts your show: $150

Schedule a free consultation:

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