Why is podcasting a powerful channel for HR?

With remote work being a big part of the "New Normal," it can be harder than ever for HR professionals to engage, develop, and inspire employees. 

Starting an HR podcast is a great way to meet that challenge.


Here’s why:

Employee Engagement & Development

One of the best ways to engage and develop employees is by enabling them to learn from each other. A podcast featuring leaders, managers, and other employees telling their stories and talking about their career journeys is an engaging and intimate way to inspire employees to pursue their goals and to connect with colleagues who can mentor them and help them succeed.

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Employer Branding 

The best job candidates want to know more than just how much they'll make and how many vacation days they'll get. They want to have a deep sense of who they'll be working for and working with. A podcast featuring leaders and managers discussing the "Why" behind your organization's mission and values and about the day-to-day joys and challenges is a powerful way to engage top job seekers and help them see what's special about you.

Diversity & Inclusion

"Diversity" is too often a buzzword without substance. Ditto "Inclusion." Podcasting can help move D&I beyond rhetoric by featuring a diverse array of employees talking about how they see the world and how a diverse workforce is good for business.



You’ll have access to data and analytics around how many employees are listening to/downloading episodes, where listeners are located, the devices they’re using to listen, and more. Data is useful for calculating ROI and for honing in on which topics get the most listener engagement.

What we do

We guide you through the following podcast production and launch process, taking care of all of the technical, logistical, and other steps and processes so that you can focus on the content.

Podcast Launch & Production Process

  1. Podcast Focus: We analyze your intended audience, focusing on their interests and concerns, to determine how to focus the podcast.

  2. Find a Host: We help you find and train a host who will bring energy to each interview and set the tone for your podcast.

  3. Gear: We send you a high-quality USB microphone/ headphones for the host and supply guests with headsets, as needed.

  4. Content Calendar: We help you map out the topics you want to cover each quarter and the subject matter experts best able to discuss them.

  5. Schedule Interviews: We work with the host and guests to schedule time to record interviews for the quarter.

  6. Interview Prep: We consult with guests to determine main talking points and write interview questions.

  7. Record Interviews: We schedule and engineer remote recording sessions, sending links to the host and guest(s).

  8. Edit & Produce: We edit the recording to remove vocal tics and mistakes and integrate music, intro/ourto, and other pre-recorded elements.

  9. Upload to Host: We upload the produced content to a private podcast hosting platform and create your dashboard.

  10. Promote: We help you promote the podcast by providing guests with promotional materials to share.

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