Podcasting for Internal Communications

Only 33% of American employees are engaged at work.

Gallup, "State of the American Workplace"

Starting an internal podcast will raise your organization's level of employee engagement.

Unlike the typical corporate memo or email update, podcasts are conversational and informal, featuring leaders and employees having real conversations about things that matter to your organization and employees.

Due to their conversational and informal tone, podcasts give your internal communications a sense of authenticity, of real people reaching out to connect and communicate things of real importance to every employee and to the organization as a whole. 

Because employees can listen to podcasts on the go, while doing other things, engaging with podcasts is incredibly convenient. Reading email and watching videos takes time. Listening to podcasts saves time.

"There is an urgency for leaders to define and convey their vision more clearly – and rally employees around it. Gallup data reveal an unsettling pattern in the U.S. workplace. Employees have little belief in their company’s leadership.


Only 13% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization communicates effectively with the rest of the organization."

Gallup, "State of the American Workplace"

Starting an internal podcast will improve your leadership communication.

A "Voices of Leadership" podcast featuring your organization's leaders having real, authentic discussions about high-level strategy, long-term goals, and the competitive landscape will give your workforce a "behind-the-scenes" look at how the leadership thinks and how their decisions affect the company as a whole.

A discussion/interview-style podcast will showcase your leaders as real people instead of remote C-suite figures. The more your organization's employees know about what makes their leaders tick, what they care about, and what drives them at work and beyond, the more engaged and connected they'll feel to your leadership and to the organization's mission and goals.

If you want your workforce to internalize and truly understand your organization's mission and values, you have to communicate the "why" behind the rhetoric. A podcast featuring interviews with leaders across the company discussing why the company's mission and values are what they are, why they matter, and how they help drive strategy and achieve goals will give your employees greater understanding of how to realize those values in their work.

"For reasons that transcend the physical needs fulfilled by earning a living, employees want to believe in what their employer does. Unfortunately, many leaders and managers tend to think that putting the company mission on a wall is enough to inspire employees to feel a connection. But it’s not."

Gallup, "State of the American Workplace"

Starting an internal podcast will inspire and engage your workforce.

Hearing from leaders and managers talking with passion and insight about your company's mission and about what motivates them to work hard everyday to fulfill that mission can't help but inspire your workforce.

An internal podcast is a highly engaging way to not only articulate and reinforce your company's mission but to give employees greater understanding of how and why the mission was conceived and why it matters.

A podcast featuring not only leaders and mangers but also regular employees discussing your company's mission and values and how to put them into practice will inspire your entire workforce to truly embrace the mission and use their deeper understanding to enhance and promote it.

Podcast Launch Package: $1500

  • Kickoff meeting + unlimited follow-up sessions

  • USB microphone and headphones

  • Training on microphone setup and recording

  • Ongoing coaching/training on all aspects of recording and hosting

  • Templates and guidelines for hosting and interviewing

  • Write and record intro & outro

  • Upload recorded content to shared drive/folder

  • Production of first three episodes

  • Print transcript of each episode

Per-Episode Production: $300

  • Professional editing to remove all "ums" and mistakes

  • Integration of intro/outro and music

  • EQ and compression 

  • Volume leveling

  • Upload to host or shared folder

  • Print transcript

  • Ongoing feedback to help improve your podcast

Additional Services

  • Tribal Knowledge producer present for recording: $75

  • Interview questions: $50

  • Tribal Knowledge hosts your show: $250

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