Podcasting for Content Marketing

Podcasting for Content Marketing

Establish Thought Leadership

Start a podcast to establish thought leadership by showcasing the insights, knowledge, and expertise of your leadership and other industry experts.

Grow Your Business

Inviting your ideal customers to be guests on your podcast is a powerful way to develop the kinds of relationships that turn prospects into paying clients.

Generate tons of conent

Transcribe and repurpose podcast episodes as blog posts, web and social media content, newsletter articles, and more.

Podcasting for Sales Enablement

Share Win Stories

Feature your sales reps sharing "How I Do It" win stories that highlight the strategies, techniques, and tools they use to prospect, handle objections, and close deals.

Improve Sales Leadership Communiation

Feature sales leadership sharing important information about industry trends, competitor intelligence, and your organizations strategy and long-term goals.

Add Value to Windshield Time

Turn windshield time into an opportunity for reps to learn from their peers and from sales leadership.

Podcasting for Sales Enablement


Podcasting for Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement


Because employees can listen to podcasts on the go, while doing other things, engaging with podcasts is incredibly convenient. Reading email and watching videos takes time. Listening to podcasts saves time.

Leadership Communication

A "Voices of Leadership" podcast featuring your organization's leaders having real, authentic discussions about high-level strategy, long-term goals, and the competitive landscape will give your workforce a "behind-the-scenes" look at how the leadership thinks and how their decisions affect the company as a whole.

Exploring the "Why?"

A podcast featuring interviews with leaders across the company discussing why the company's mission and values are what they are, why they matter, and how they help drive strategy and achieve goals will give your employees greater understanding of how to realize those values in their work.


Podcasting for L&D

Podcasting for L&D

Making learning content "stickier"

Contextualizing information and data within a narrative makes it easier to remember and more engaging to consume.

Facilitate peer-to-peer learning

Feature learners discussing how they put training into practice to be more productive, efficient, and successful in their work.

Make learning more convenient

Learners can consume audio content when and where they want, while driving, commuting, exercising, or anything else.

Podcasting for Diversity & Inclusion

Feature a diverse range of voices and perspectices

Make "Diversity" more than just a slogan by highlighting a broad range of employees and perspectives discussing important issues related to your culture, mission, and goals.

Explore WHY diversity matters

Feature in-depth discussions why a diverse and inclusive workplace is not merely "nice to have" but rather foundational to your organization's success. 

Demonstrate Progressive Leadership

Diversity and inclusion start at the top. Feature your leadership having in-depth discussions about the value of diversity initiatives and inclusive policies.

Podcasting for Customer Experience

Enable customers to learn from each other

Improve customer experience by enabling your customers to share their stories and learn from each other.

Gain deeper insight into customers behavior and needs

Learn more about your customers by having in-depth discussions about their business needs and challenges.

Engage Prospects With Customer Testimonials

Turn prospects into paying clients by engaging them with testimonials from their peers and colleagues.

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Podcasting for Human Resources

Recruit, Hire, and Retain Top Talent

Feature recent hires discussing the benefits of working for your company, opportunities for career development, leaderships training, and much more.

Energize Your Culture

Feature discussions with leaders and employees about how and why your company culture energizes the workplace and inspires everyone to develope their skills and work together to achieve your organization's goals.

Bolster Diversity & Inclusion

Make "Diversity & Inclusion" more than just a slogan by featuring a diverse array of people and perspectives.


Podcasting for Business Coaches

Have you considered starting a podcast for your coaching business?

If not, it's probably because you've convinced yourself that ...

  • I don't have the time

  • Podcasting is too expensive

  • I don't know how or where to begin

  • There are already too many podcasts

But guess what? You're wrong!

In reality, podcasting is a low-cost, time-saving, realtively simple and fun way to build your brand and grow your business. And while there are lots of podcasts out there, consider that there are many, many, many more blogs. In fact, there are at least 500 million blogs available on the Internet, compared to only about 1 million podcasts.

So, why should you start a podcast for your coaching business?

Because, podcasting will: 

Grow your brand & business

Connect with and engage your clients and ideal prospects in a way that authentic, engaging, and convenient for your audience to consume.

Develop Thought Leadership

What's your special sauce? What do you offer that separates you from your competitors? Podcasting is a powerful way to demonstrate that you're an original thinker with new and innovate ideas to help people grow their businesses.

Generate a TON of content & save time

Creating content for your blog, newsletter, website, and social media channels can be a time-sucking slog. Transcribing and repurposing podcast episodes will generate a steady flow of fresh, valuable content and save a lot of time.


Podcasting for Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Feature Employee Testimonials

Your current employees are your most valuable talent acquisition and employer branding assets. But scripted, slickly produced videos won't work. Candidates are looking for authentic & honest information about what kind of employer you are. Podcasting is the perfect way to engage job candidates with that type of content.

Humanize Your Employer Brand

Potential employees want to know who they're going to be working with and how your organization treats its people. Feature managers and leaders talking about company culture and values, opportunities for development, and more.

Enliven Job Descriptions

Bring job descriptions to life by embedding audio/video interviews with hiring manager and current employees. See an example here.


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