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How Podcasting Helps You Engage More Deeply With Customers and Prospects

As a marketer, your job is to cook up new and exciting ways to get your audience to engage with your content.

But let’s face it: most content just isn’t that engaging. The average blog post is … average. Ditto for the average video. And people have watched too many webinars. And especially these days, people are just plain sick of spending more time staring at a screen!

But podcasting is different … and uniquely engaging, in at least three ways.

#1: Convenience

Podcasts are uniquely engaging in part because they’re uniquely convenient. Unlike blog posts, video, and any other kind of content that requires sitting down and starring at a screen … you can listen to a podcast while doing other things … like driving, walking the dog, working out, making dinner, and so on. In other words, listening to a podcast doesn’t take time … it actually saves time!

#2: Informal Conversation

More than any other marketing channel, podcasts are great for featuring informal and lively conversation between the host and guest or guests. When produced the right way, there’s just something really engaging about listening in on real, unscripted conversations on topics that your audience is interested in.

#3: Going Deep

Finally, podcasts are ideal for longer-form content. Because blog posts and videos and so on demand time, you need to keep them pretty short. But because people listen to podcasts while doing other things, episodes can be at least 15 to 20 minutes, or even longer! And on a podcast you can really drill down and explore topics in depth … and in that way provide real value to your audience.

Those are just a few of the ways that podcasting helps you connect more intimately and deeply with your audience. You can learn more about the value of podcasting as a content marketing channel on the Tribal Knowledge website, at tribknowledge.com.