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How unusual imagery fosters high-level engagement

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One key to engaging an audience is simply getting their attention.

An effective way to get your audience’s attention is to surprise them by giving them something they haven’t seen before or that defies their expectations.

That was the strategy at the heart of Hexagon’s marketing campaign for the rollout of its MyCare program, program from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division that makes it easier for customers to service maintain coordinate measuring machines (CMM)—high-cost and highly technical pieces of equipment that measure the geometry of physical objects and that are widely used in the world of high-tech manufacturing.


“Our marketing campaigns are often very focused on the technology,” says Bridget Benedetti, director of marketing and customer experience in North America at Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division. “But this campaign was more about people.”

To that end, instead of visuals featuring CMMs and other high-tech imagery, Benedetti and her team featured an image designed to catch their audience by surprise: a young woman sitting lotus-style on a desk in a classic meditation pose:

The image cut against the grain in an industry that’s populated largely by men and that features visuals dominated by machinery and circuitry and other elements of industrial design and manufacturing. Which is precisely why the image of a meditating woman was so successful in getting the attention of Hexagon’s customers. And it aligned perfectly with the campaign’s central message: “Peace of mind.”

“Because MyCare is a new-to-market concept, we wanted to make it very clear what the service is,” Benedetti says. “And also because even our hard-core fans are very busy, we needed to make sure to get their attention. Hence the unusual imagery.”

The campaign not only succeeded in engaging Benedetti’s audience; it was so successful that it won a prestigious Platinum AVA Digital Award from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.

“There was a lot of inbound activity from our customers,” Benedetti says. “That was very satisfying for us as marketers. It’s been a really good run so far.”