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Intelligent & meaningful content = real engagement

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As VP of Marketing at DiCentral, Yehuda Cagen sees his job as making sure that every piece of content his team produces is both intelligent and meaningful.

To which you might respond, “Well… duh!”

Because any marketer worth his or her salt wants the stuff they publish to be smart and meaningful.

But “intelligent” and “meaningful” can mean different things, depending on your approach to content marketing. And Cagen understands the terms in a specific way. Content that’s “intelligent”, for Cagen, means content that provokes people to think in new ways.

“Folks that I’ve met who are successful are always looking for new ways to gain that edge,” he says. “So if you can invoke some thought [with your content], I think that’s when you start the process of engaging with them. Because if it’s just a one and done, that’s not engagement. It’s a quick hello, quick goodbye, and then you don’t hear from them again. And that’s certainly not what you want as a marketer.”

But that’s not the end of the story. Engaging content must be not only intelligent, but also “meaningful.” For Cagen, the term describes content that provokes new ways of thinking about solving a business problem and offers practical steps for putting the concept into action to achieve your goals.

“You provide some tips and recommendations on how to take those new thoughts and use them to build a better process, how to work around certain challenges and circumstances,” Cagen says. “It’s the continuation of that seminal idea that gets people thinking, but you don’t just leave them there. You connect the new way of thinking to the emotional part of what drives people’s actions and behaviors.”