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Levels of Prospect Engagement

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For Brooke Bachesta, Senior Manager of Sales Development at Outreach, engaging prospects involves more than getting them to agree to a sales call. Just because prospects click the Zoom link and sit there listening politely doesn’t mean that they’re really, actively engaged.

“Non-engaged prospects probably aren’t very sure why they’ve accepted a meeting in the first place,” Brooke says. “They may or may not be aware of what it is that you do and your persistence and consistency has won them over in some way where they're like, fine. I will take a meeting. But they're not super invested.”

The key for sellers, then, is to make sure that prospects are invested before meeting. And that involves developing a relationship with the prospect to really understand their business initiatives and challenges and how the seller’s solution is a natural fit.

One sign that a prospect is engaged is when they start raising objections. When a prospect claims that they already have a solution or that they’re too busy to consider an alternative solution, Bachesta says, that’s valuable information that sellers can and should use to continue developing the relationship.

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