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The value of understanding your audience

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Content is king.

But there’s a LOT of content out there. So much, in fact, that it can be really hard to cut through the noise and get the kind of engagement you’re looking for.

The key to cutting through, forever and always, is knowing your audience. The more you know about what really matters to your audience at any given time, the better able you’ll be to create content that speaks to your customers and prospects. (And, spoiler alert—it’s almost never content that’s about you and your products and services.)

As VP of Marketing at Commercial Credit Group, Julie Murphy was well versed in that truism. And during the whirlwind of chaos, uncertainty, and economic upheaval otherwise known as 2020, Murphy put that marketing wisdom to good use.

Commercial Credit Group provides financing for construction, transportation, waste, and manufacturing—all “essential” industries that have kept going full bore during the pandemic. But while those industries didn’t shut down, they still had to deal with the complexities of paycheck protection program (PPP) rules and related tax implications.

And so, knowing that their customers and prospects would be looking for clear, useful PPP-related information, Murphy and her team curated resources and made them available on the CCG website.

“We sent the information out via email to our customers and prospects,” Murphy says, “and it was probably from an engagement standpoint our highest rate in terms of email opens and click to open rates.”

In hindsight, it may seem obvious that, especially during the earlier days of the pandemic, CCG’s customers would be interested in information about PPP. But at the time, that was far less obvious. It was Murphy and her team’s deep understanding of their clients’ and prospects’ needs at that moment that led them to provide them with just the right information. And, it’s worth noting, they didn’t wait for clients and prospects to ask for it; they intuited that the PPP content would be valuable, and they were right.

It’s also worth noting that the PPP content had nothing to do with CCG’s products and services. Yet, making that content available proved hugely valuable for CCG insofar as it further establish the company as an organization that truly puts the needs of its customers and prospects first.