Podcast Launch 

Successfully launching a podcast involves careful planning, strategic thinking, technical knowledge and training, and perseverance. We will be with you every step along the way, providing training, coaching, and unlimited consultation throughout the launch process.


The Podcast Launch Package includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss concept and launch strategy, including:

    • Show format​

    • Episode length & frequency

    • Naming the podcast

  • Equipment checklist and recommendations, including:

    • Microphones and cables​

    • Boom arms

    • Recording software

    • Audio interface/mixer

  • Training on

    • Equipment setup and use​

    • Audio recording

    • Remote recording

    • Conducting podcast interviews

    • Hosting techniques

  • Templates for:

    • Intro & outro

    • Inviting guests

    • Conducting interviews

    • Creating a podcast webpage

    • Blocking out episodes

    • Production schedule

  • Guidance on:

    • Finding and choosing background music​

    • Selecting an audio hosting platform

  • Professionally recorded into & outro

  • RSS feed registration and submission to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and other podcast directories

  • Professionally designed cover artwork

  • Production of first 3 episodes

  • Pre-launch marketing strategies

  • Ongoing and unlimited consultation throughout the launch process 

If you only require some of the included services or need services not listed, contact us to discuss a customized Podcast Launch Package that meets your specific needs.

How the Launch Process Works

Step 1: Strategy Meeting

A Tribal Knowledge producer meets with your team to discuss and decide on:

  • Show format

  • Show title

  • Artwork

  • Episode length & frequency

  • Music selection

  • Hosting platform (where we upload audio files after recording and producing episodes)

Step 2: Training (as needed)

Your producer will provide training on:

  • Microphone setup and use

  • Recording software

  • Remote recording

Step 3: Recording & production

Your producer will record and produce the first two episodes:

  • Record and produce “Welcome” episode

  • Record and produce Episode 1

Step 4: Register podcast

Your producer will:

  • Upload audio and artwork to your hosting platform

  • Register the RSS feed with Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and more*

*Most podcast directories require that you have an account. Your producer will create (free) accounts for you if you don’t already have them.

Step 5: Launch!

You meet with your producer to discuss strategy for marketing and promoting the podcast before, during, and after launching the show, including:

  • Leveraging existing marketing/communications channels

  • Enabling episode guests to market their episodes

  • Social media strategy

Production & Editing Services

One your podcast is launched, you'll require production and editing services to keep the podcast on track.

Our per-episode production and editing services include:

  • Professional editing (removal of all ums, stutters, and other verbal tics, long pauses, mistakes, etc.)

  • Mix in intro and outro

  • Mix in music

  • Compression, noise reduction, voice equalization

  • Mix to MP3 and add ID3 tags

  • Add episode artwork, title, and SEO tags

  • Publish to media host, your website, or Dropbox/Drive

  • Basic show notes

  • Unlimited consulting

If you require only some of the listed services or require services not listed, contact us to discuss a customized packaged. 

Additional Services

Add the following services to any episode or episode package:

  • Advanced Show Notes - $50/episode

    • 250-word summary of your episode​

    • Time stamps to direct listeners to specific parts of the episode

    • Outbound links to websites, social media accounts, books, etc.

  • Episode Transcription: $1.50/minute of edited audio

    • Up to two speakers (light or no foreign accent)​

    • Choice of PDF or Word document

    • Additional rates for more speakers

  • Original Music Composition: $300

    • Unique, original ​instrumental music for intro, outro, and other parts of the podcast

Unlimited Consultation

We believe so strongly in the value and power of podcasting to help communicate your organization or business' unique value that we commit to becoming full partners in every podcast we help produce. That means being there for you, whenever you need us and for whatever reason, to make sure things are running smoothly and that you're getting the most from your investment. 


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