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Microphone Setup & Use

Anyone can buy a microphone and plug it in. But getting the most from your mic involves more. We provide ongoing training and coaching on microphone fundamentals, including:

  • Understanding mic settings

  • Volume control

  • Proper mic placement

  • Avoiding plosives (popped "p" and other sounds)

Podcast Hosting


The podcast host plays a crucial role in making your podcast succeed. As the "voice" of your podcast, the host is responsible for setting the desired tone, putting guests at ease, conducting interviews, and making sure that the energy and tempo of each episode are where they need to be.

If you've never hosted a podcast or have minimal experience, those responsibilities can seem daunting. We provide comprehensive and ongoing training and coaching on all aspects of hosting a podcast:

  • Making content engaging and entertaining

  • Interviewing skills and techniques

  • Monitoring and adjusting tone and pace

  • Time management

Check out our free resource:

The Art & Science of Hosting a Podcast

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